Mini DV Camera HD Video Recorder

Introducing the new Mini Camera HD Video Recorder.Well, I'm not really sure if this was newly released to the market but all I know is that I have a new one for my self.

I was window shopping for cameras at Lazada when I found this really cute camera and videorecorder. It totally captured my interest. Just how could this camera which is just a little bit smaller than a matchbox can record a video with an amazing audio/video quality or take a picture? I guess I just have to ask that to those smart guys who made this gadget.

I did a little research on this gadget first before putting it in my cart and found out based on majority of the comments of those who ordered it said Mini Camera HD is actually really nice. Well, there were some little cons on the  reviews but who cares, I want to try it for myself. And so, I ordered it last Tuesday and it arrived  in Cebu yesterday. The forwarder was actually going to deliver it but then I was not at home yesterday since I'm at work, I scheduled it to be delivered  today instead and VOILA!!!.. I got this cute little cam this morning. I was really excited. Many thanks to Lazada. They're fast! Realy good.

The Package
Well, the camera comes with its stainless case which is reusable for its storage. The package includes of course, the unit itself,the Mini Camera HD Video Recorder, a power bank(the red cylinder in the picture below), a USB connector for PC communications of course and another cord for the power bank of course and a black neck holder(so you can just let it hang like an ID) 


As obviously indicated in the unit. It's 5.0 mp. It has a slot for your memory cards of course which is expandable up to 16GB(Whaaaatttt?) It only has two keys which is the power(on/off) and the key for mode option. And like mentioned above, it can take pictures, record videos with great audio quality. 

Size (L x W x H cm)4.5 x 1 x 2.9
Weight (kg)0.5
Photo link

Operation Pros and Cons
The operation is kind of complicated at the start so you'll have to read the manual word by word because the only thing that can get you through understanding this little thing lies  on the manual and the blue and red indicators. The view finder kind of irritated me first since it's really blurry so you can't really have a good look at the view you want to capture or record but actually this is because the lens is already zoomed which is why it looks like it. Upon capturing a photo, you will need to steady your hands for 3 seconds so you won't ruin the captured image. Anyway, I'm going to share the captured photos I did from this awesome little cam.

Anyways, my apologies with the date on the photos since I'm still figuring it out in my laptop how to configure it.

So, as for my overall rating for this stuff, I'm going to give it a 4. Really cool stuff to have.


{ Marie Dee } at: June 22, 2013 at 8:32 AM said...

This is really cool! :)) MINI na MINI!!!

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