Movie Review: Upside Down

Want to experience a different kind of love?
Well, here is a movie that will make you fall in love in a science fiction way. Upside Down is the movie that will convince you that love, indeed conquers everything and when I say everything, it means even gravity is not an excuse.

Which is stronger? Love or gravity? Well, you have to watch this for you to answer.

Upside Down stars Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst and was released last August 2012. It is a romantic sci-fi movie that tells the love story of Adam (Sturgess) and Eden(Dunst) who are literally from different worlds, the two adjacent planets divided by wealth, the Down Below where Adam from and the Up Top where all the rich and powerful lives and where Eden lives. The two planets were only connected by the Transworld, a plant that interconnects the two planets and make uses of the resources from both worlds, Oil from Down Below and electricity from Up Top.

The two first met in the highest mountains and since then, they were not separated until they were finally caught which led to an accident that made Adam think that Eden was dead only to find out years later that she is still alive and is working in Transworld and he will do everything to be able to get her back even if it means turning himself UPSIDE DOWN.

But what if Eden doesn't remember him anymore?



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