Cherry Mobile’s TV Phone W7

I can talk a lot more about books. That’s what a bookworm like me does but this time I’m going to be a trying-hard gadget geek. Not that Cherry Mobile’s TV phone W7 is such a big celebrity in the mobile world but I just want to make a review on this thing which I’m having right now. It’s my newest phone.

I always wanted a Wi-fi phone and at the same time, something with TV. Yes! Call me a paranoid or a “promdi” but living in an apartment without television makes my weekends boring especially when I can’t watch a new episode of Once Upon a Time because I can’t connect with the internet. Ughh! 

So, anyways, I really thought that Cherry Mobile would be the perfect brand for such specifications that I needed. I was planning on getting Cherry Mobile Flare but unfortunately it doesn’t have a TV on. Silly me! 

So let’s talk about W7. 


  • ·         Cosmos UI
  • ·         Dual SIM/Dual Standby
  • ·         WAP/MMS/GPRS/EDGE 
  • ·         3.5 inches HVGA/320x480 pixels
  • ·         Full Touch Screen
  • ·         1.3 MP Camera
  • ·         3.5 headset Jack Support
  • ·         Bluetooth version 2.0 + EDR
  • ·         MRE Enabled
  • ·         Micro USB/USB V2.0/Mass Storage function
  • ·         Micro SD slot, capacity up to 8 GB
  • ·         Wi-fi
  • ·         Mobile TV (OF COURSE)
  • ·         Wireless Radio
  • ·         E-book reader 

So there you have it. These are the specifications of the W7. At first use, it might feel like it’s some kind of an ANDROID phone but IT IS NOT. It only looks like one and feels like one but it is NOT. Sure there are lots of downloadable applications you can get from the Cherry App Store but these apps are not JAVA but these apps are .vxp extension and sad to say it’s the only extension that works and is installable to W7. It doesn’t matter though because you can’t just limit yourself to the Cherry Shop. There’s always the internet where you can download .vxp applications like games and other stuff.

What sucks about W7 is that when you surf the net, you tend to be off-limits on some sites because W7 don’t have that much of memory. Anyways, that would not be a problem for most users since the only sites that are widely visited these days are only e-mail sites like Yahoo and Gmail and social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The battery life kind of drain fast if you keep on playing the music player which is why when watching mobile TV, I always charge it at the same time.

Speaking of which, my favorite specs is the mobile TV. W7’s mobile TV can allow you to scan channels depending on your locations thus giving you access to various channels and it’s great because I can finally watch my favorite TV shows like Once Upon a Time, Glee and many more.
As for price, Cherry Mobile has a crazy way of giving the needs of consumers in an affordable way. For W7, you’ll get it for a surprisingly very low price. Well, maybe because Cherry mobile has a lot of promos and sales these days. 

Therefore, I’m rating for W7 5 stars since it satisfies my needs and so far, I’m not having a problem with it.


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