Just Got Paid by Experts Column

It's been a while since I signed up for Experts Column but I really don't post regularly there. I didn't have a lot of time updating all my blogs and posting a lot of online articles on Triond so what I did was re-post my Triond articles in Experts Column.
Experts Column is an online publishing site that allows writers to publish their articles, poems, blogs, essays, etc. The site works exactly like Triond, Bukisa, and other online publishing sites. What's best in Experts Column is that you can re-publish articles that are already published somewhere else as long as you are the sole owner of the piece or the original writer of the article.

You earn depending on the views of your articles so the more that you put your links or share it on your social networking sites, the more that you get views and take note. They kind of have a good deal when it comes to the earnings. I've seen my stats and I'm quite impress with it, to think that I'm not even regularly posting more and all my posts there are re-posted articles which I originally posted on Triond.

Anyways, enough with the jabber-jabber. I'm about to show you my very first Payment. It doesn't cost that much but this is to show you that Experts Column do pays. They pay through Paypal.


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