ADGITIZE is Officially Closed: First and Last Payment

Adgitize has been one of the networking websites that have helped my blogs gain some traffic. The website was really user-friendly and the community inside it is fun.  They publish interesting blog posts and the other users are very friendly as well. They offer cheap price for advertising and often give their blogger members opportunity to win on online contest. I used to make one of my blogs reach the leaderboard one time. It was during the times when I regularly update my blogs. It was really fun and you get to explore and visit different blogs.

Anyway, I won’t be writing much for Adgitize since it officially closed already. But I really admire the site for being descent to their members by paying them all what they have lately accumulated in their accounts no matter how less the earnings maybe.

I am one of those newbies who didn’t get to expand my world in Adgitize which is why I only got few earnings. So anyways, I just want to share my payment proof from Adgitize. I tell you, it isn’t that much but this only shows and proves that online networking can really help you raise some money(may it be large amounts or cents) even if you are not regularly active.

If any of you want to join online writing networks, you can always try and sign up for free on YouSayToo and Entrecard.


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