An unexpected change in Microworkers made me sign-up for Alertpay. Alertpay is another way of handling your money related transactions online. In my previous post, I stated that Alertpay is quite nicer than Paypal in a sense that it is easier to verify your account there than in Paypal. However, what makes Paypal still nicer than Alertpay is that you can withdraw as low as $10 USD while in Alertpay, you have to wait for your fund to reach the minimum withdrawing limit which is $50 USD.
Now if you have greater funds in Paypal than Alertpay, it would be much better to have your Alertpay funds transferred to your Paypal account. At least you get to control all in one than opening both. I’m not really a great fan of Alertpay, to be honest. I prefer Paypal a lot since I have used it ever since I started working online with some clients and playing around with some online gigs like Microworkers.
Question is How will you transfer you Alertpay funds to your Paypal account?
Actually, there are several online money transfer websites; however you cannot trust all of them. This is why I am introducing Netway Exchange. Netway Exchange is a website that helps users transfer their funds from one online money control website to another like transferring funds from Paypal to Alertpay or vice versa. They do not focus on Paypal and Alertpay alone. There are also  Moneybookers and others. 
How does it work?
First, you register on the site. You fill-up forms. You can choose to get verified or not. My account in the site is not yet even verified but still I was able to transact transfers of funds. All you have to do sign in into your Paypal account or Alertpay account and then send the amount you are to transfer to Netway Exchange. After that, you go back to your Netway Exchange account and choose what kind of transfer do you want and then you enter the amount you are to transfer. Enter your email address and your account number and then you get to receive your order number and transaction number when you sent the fund to their account.
They will send you a copy of the order number and order transaction. Afterwards, they will send you an email to ask for confirmation of the money transfer. They will get $2 USD from the fund that you requested to transfer as your processing fee to them. You have to reply to the confirmation email before 24 hours or else, the transfer will be cancelled.
When you have finally confirmed, the fund (subtracted with the $2USD fee) will be then sent to the account you entered to receive the transfer.
STILL NOT SURE? Well, here is my proof.


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