Last August 25, Microworkers sent me $9 USD after I requested to withdraw. To be clear, Microworkers only allows members to withdraw a maximum of $9 USD which is the minimum payout of the site. I could have withdrew it on July however, Microworkers made some changes on the site which is why I found it hard to withdraw my earnings.

The changes are as follows:
    1. There are Hire Me jobs wherein Employers now have the opportunity to choose and offer specific members to do the job·

        2.  The site has made the reputations of each member visible to every user of the site making it for the employers find qualified members for the jobs they offer.
    3. NO MORE payment transaction using PAYPAL. This was the main reason why I couldn’t withdraw my earnings before. Before, Paypal, Alertpay and Moneybookers are the three ways of money transfer in the site but after the changes, for an unknown reason, Paypal was excluded.   

       Anyway, I signed-up for Alertpay and was quite glad because of the easier way of verifying your accounts. CLICK HERE to sign-up for Alertpay.

So, enough about the changes on the site.. The important thing is that the site still has a good reputation. It is not a scam and in fact, here is the transaction detail of the payment they sent me.


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