Programming With S7-Graph

It is undeniable how automation nowadays rapidly evolve in the industrial world. Lots of programming languages are being used. Visual Basic, C++, Java to Industrial programming languages like PLC or Programmable Logic Controller.

PLC is the most used method of getting everything in the industrial world connected and from the best manufacturer of todays excellent PLCs, SIEMENS also offers another way of programming PLC programs aside from their very own MICROWIN. This is S7-Graph.  Actually, this program is not that new for it has been used by several companies for a long time already. This article will only give some overview about this S7-graph.
S7-Graph is a user-friendly software that enables industrial technology geeks(I mean users/programmers) to program PLC the fastest and easiest way. This is because S7-Graph adapts the method or the techniques called GRAFCET. Thus, users don’t need to encounter a lot of headache while programming long networks since  in S7-graph, like GRAFCET, users only have to think of about the CONDITION(how inputs are activated) and the ACTION(when the outputs are activated).

S7-Graph features modular small control system for the lower and middle performance range, extensive selection of modules, bakplane bus integrated in the modules, can be networked with PROFIBUS, MPI and Ethernet and with its central PG/PC connection, it can access to all modules.
Aside from that, programming PLC in S7-Graph is easy and fast because users don’t have to be really great or experts in PLC programming in MICROWIN (though it would be a lot easier then). S7-graph is a simple way of programming. It has a lot of spaces for comments and fast program processing. Every step of the process is clear and it offers best basis for HMI.
However, S7-graph can only be that easy if the automation process to be programmed is sequential which is the main objective of S7-Graph(sequential processes). These technological sequences could be linear, alternative or simultaneous.


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