Just Got Paid by MinuteWorkers

So, I just got paid by Minuteworkers last Monday. Out of curiosity, just to check out and prove to myself if Minuteworkers do really pay, I requested payout. The minimum payout is $2 USD but the regular minimum payout is $10. Workers can request payout of $2 but it will be deducted with 10% fee so the worker's balance should be more than $2. When I reached over $2 in my balance, I requested for the minimum $2 only just to see if they would really pay. If they don't then I should delete my account there.  They payout twice a month, every 15th and 30th day of the month so if you requested on 12, expect it to arrive in the 15th. If you requested on 17, then expect your payout on the 30th.
If anyone is interested on joining Minuteworkers. Just click on the logo of Minuteworkers on the left sidebar under Web Gigs or just simply CLICK HERE.


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