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Let me share to you a new writing site. It was just last Wednesday that I stumbled upon this site while thread hopping on the forums of Triond.  A Triond user shared his experience on Expertscolumn and really got the attention of some other users including me. Looking at the site's header, one would really think that it's cool. Yes it does. 

The only thing which makes the site worst is that it has a lot of ads. Ads they use to pay for their writers which are also called columnists. There are lots of pop-ups that would really irritate any users who uses the site especially those who doesn't know how to block pop-up ads and the likes. Anyway, enough about the disadvantages. Let me share you the bright side of Expertscolumn.

Basically, it works the same as other article directories. Writers sign-up, publish their works and earn from views and clicks they get from the articles they get. It works the same but the best thing about it is that it generates income faster and better than the others even without you promoting it on bookmarking sites or social networking sites. Another thing is that writers who already had published their works on other article directories can submit their work as duplicate in Expertscolumn as long as the use the same username. So if you are writing, say for example, in Triond(where they only require original posts), after you have publish your article in Triond then you can publish it again in Expertscolumn.

I was a bit doubtful for the legitimacy of the site so I searched some proofs on the internet and was relieved when I found that one of my friend in Triond had already receive her payout. I'm only just a week old in the site but I could say that it really is worth it. In just few seconds after your articles are publish, earnings are generating and views are increasing. The site generates about $0.0015 per views so if you get 100 views per day then you get $0.15 per day and at the first week of the following month, you'll get to receive your payout if you reach the minimum payout which is $5. They pay on Paypal. The more you publish, the more you earn as well.

Interested? CLICK HERE so you can join me as a columnist in Expertscolumn where informations become insights.


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