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It wasn't that long ago when a friend from Triond introduced Microworkers in a thread. I think it was just January. I was thinking that this site is just like Odesk, Freelancer and Onlinejobs sites where workers bid to get a project until I signed up and learned that it was actually a Get-Paid-To site. To be honest, this is the first GPT site that I've signed up. So I'm already five months old in the site and I just requested my first payout on the first week of May. 

How does it works?

It works exactly just the same as any Get-Paid-To do tasks like minuteworkers. You are to perform micro and freelance jobs. You submit the proofs needed and then you get paid after the employer has reviewed your work. Here is the Microworkers toon that will show how Microworkers works.


What Now?

After I requested my payout for Minuteworkers, I, then headed to Microworkers to request my payout. unlike Minuteworkers, Microworker's way of paying their workers are quite different and a bit long. The average days of process usually takes 20-30 days. You will have to fill the form of how much will you withdraw. By the way, the minimum payout is $9. After that, you then have to fill how will you receive the payment, is it through Paypal, Alertpay, or moneybookers? After that, you will have to confirm your home address because they will send you the PIN number you have to use to activate your withdrawal and after that, you'll just have to wait.

All those times after I have requested payout, I thought they are going to send the PIN to my e-mail address. Not until last tuesday when my mother called and told me I got a mail. I thought it was from a bank updating me my current accounts but it wasn't. What made me excited was the stamp in the envelope that say Slovenija. I know it wasn't from Philippines. Silly me, I even thought it's a check from Google. LOL But actually, it's from Microworkers and they are sending me my PIN. 

When I received the letter from Microworkers, I immediately logged in to open my account and activate my withdrawal. My requested payment will be sent shortly. I really didn't expect that I'll receive any letter because I thought the PIN will be sent to my e-mail address. Anyway, this just simply proves that they really do process the withdrawals of their workers seriously. I was even expecting that it'll take 30 days before they'll send the PIN but it just took 15 days. Now I just have to wait for the payment to be sent.

If you are interested joining Microworkers, kindly CLICK HERE or just click on the Microworkers logo located on the left sidebar under Web Gigs. 


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