Are you looking for some anime series that would give you break from the same anime hits nowadays that are usually about ninjas, samurais and gunfights? How about you try this comical love story anime series that will not just make you laugh at loud but will give you the feeling of being a little bit younger.

She’s the tallest in the class and he’s the shortest in the class. They were enemies who never thought they would actually fall for each other.

At first, the only common thing they had was they hate each other. Then came another similarity, Risa was attracted to Otani’s best friend and Otani was attracted with Risa’s bestfriend. They ended bridging each other for their friends but they fail because what happened instead was that their best friends fell for each other. Having something in common and having common friends made them hang-out with their friends together until little by little, Risa fell in love with Otani. Everyone knew about it but it was as if Otani was dumb because he’s the only one who never knew and when he finally did, he dumped her.

But it’s not the end yet, Otani’s reason why he dumped Risa was because he wasn’t sure and another one is their height. So what happened next? Risa never stopped loving Otani and she never stopped showing her love for him but Otani’s taking it all for granted. He never cared until Risa finally gave up and their love story started.


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