Bukisa: Another Great Writing Site

It is just like Triond but your works are only published on Bukisa alone since they don’t own other category websites. Like I said, it is just like Triond. You submit your stuff and wait until it gets published and promote your articles. They only publish articles that are 350 words long.

I need not to say more since Bukisa is very simple to play with.  Another wonderful thing about Bukisa is that you can submit duplicate articles which is why after my article is published in Triond, I then publish them in Bukisa.

Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!

Like Triond, Bukisa also allows you can also integrate ads on your contents so you also earn revenues from the ads. You can choose either Chitika or Google Adsense.

Bukisa pays about 3USD in every 1000 views your article gets so the more traffic you gain, the more you earn. Their minimum payout is 0.50 USD and they pay through paypal.

Interested? Join Bukisa. Click HERE.


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