TRIOND: A Great Site To Write

Personally speaking, Triond is my favorite. Unlike other article directories, Triond owns different websites with different categories. Such websites powered by Triond include the following:

Authspot where poets, novel and short story authors can publish their work.
Webupon where articles about websites and other internet related topics.
AThingForCars where articles and reviews about cars are published.
Healthmad where health and medical related articles are published
Writinghood the process of writing and articles about writing are published
BookStove for book talks and book reviews
ComputerSight for computer geek and technology nerd sharing their insights
PurpleSlinky have a good laugh on funny stuffs
Gomestic mommies and housekeepers sharing their tips in home building
Relijournal for inspirational, holy talks and religious topics
Quazen for recreational topics
Bizcovering for business related topics
Scienceray for science and math geeks sharing awesome discoveries and research
TheRealOwner for pet lovers sharing interesting facts about their pets.
SportsTale for the sporty and athletic fellows.
Telewatcher for those fond and updated with television news.
CinemaRoll for movie nerds
Musicouch for music lovers
Gameolosophy for PC games geeks.

Authors can also submit photos, videos and audio clips and still earn from it. Their photographs, video clips and audio clips are published in Picable, Audible and Kleep.

What’s another great deal about Triond is that, you also get to earn from Google Adsense for contents because they allow you to integrate your Triond account to your adsense account.

There are rumors that Triond is a scam but not really. Click here to see some of my payment proofs. The only secret to have a huge income is driving traffic to your articles so your game is to play with SEO.

When it comes to getting paid, they pay writers through paypal and western union. For paypal, the minimum payout is 1 USD and 50 USD if you set your payment method on western union. If you don't have paypal account yet, Click HERE to sign-up.

Are you interested joining Triond? Click HERE to be my referral. I’ll be helping you all throughout the process of publishing in Triond.


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