The Teenage Book of Manners...Please

People specially teenagers laugh at it but when you get to read it, realization would strike you that manners are really important and this book is a must have.

A teenage manners book? People like me in the first impression would absolutely say, “What? You must be kidding!” because honestly, teenagers and manners don’t seem to go together but I don’t mean it generally (there are teenagers who are well-mannered). The book helps teens gain confidence, avoid embarassing situations, make friends easily and develop their immune systems against the bumps and bruises of life since the book is full of adventure, humor and plain, practical tips on bringing out our best.

And not only that because the book was created by a family. Yes, a family! The book is fruit os a family teamwork. Doea Archie comics ring a bell? I bet yes! The cartoonist who wrote and illustrated it and another best-selling author on the subject of manners and a two teenagers made the book. Fred, Al Hartley and Family shares advices on manners like Effective Introductions, Meaningful conversations, telephone, personal, table, restaurant, party, dating, prom, family, car, summer jobs, letters, guest, classroom and church manners and values that would definitely inspire and help teenagers.


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