The Princeton Murders Book Review

There is a series of murder going on Princeton University and this novel will surely lift your imagination and bring you to the whole adventure of solving the mystery.

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Written by Ann Waldron and published by The Berkley publishing Group way back 2003.  I got a copy in the nearest bookstore of the university I was attending. I can say that this book is one of my top five most favorite fiction novels.

The plot evolves on the Professor McLeod Dulaney, an investigative journalist who was teaching first course of writing in one of the world’s great university.  She was starting her way getting along with other staff of English department and has been enjoying her class when one of her colleagues died and there was something fishy about the sudden death. McLeod thinks that there’s foul play especially when another English professor died.

Together with her students, they solved the twisted questions of the crime and they were surprised when they found out that the suspect was the one they expect the least.


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