MYPAGE5: It Pays To Socialize

Get paid to socialize....How does it sound to you?

It's undeniable how social networking sites are rapidly growing nowadays. With these sites, staying connected with friends and other business online are made easier and faster.
Now let me introduce to you another social networking site in the internet that not only connects you with friends but also pays you in every activity a member does. This website is MyPage5. A site that pays you to socialize.

Upon sign-up, members are then given a 5 USD bunos. Members are paid in every activity they do. Such activities include uploading photos, videos, posting comments on user profiles, writing and posting blogs, posting comments on blogs, playing games, chatting and updating user status.

Mypage5 has a minimum payout of 15 USD and they pay through Paypal. If you don't have paypal account yet, Click HERE.

Interested? Sign up for Mypage5. Click HERE.


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