Manga Messiah: Graphic Bible

New Testament presented in the most popular graphic novel format on earth.

MANGA MESSIAH is the New Testament Scripture presented into a graphic novel. The book contains three chapters and each includes the continuous contents of the New Testament excluding the acts of the apostles, Pauls journey of Christianization and revelation. This book focuses on the Life of Lord Jesus. In Chapter One consists of 8 parts which are The Birth of Yeshuah, Growth of Yeshuah, John the Baptizer, Preparations for Ministry, At the Wedding in Cana, Going to Jerusalem, Return to Galilee, and The Seashore Road. Chapter Two consists of 7 parts which are Messianic Miracle, Sermon on the Mount, Controversy about Bellzebub, Parables, Sending out Twelve Disciples, Death of John the Baptizer and Lazarus Dies. Chapter Three also have 8 parts which are The Entry to Jerusalem, Investigation of the Lamb of Gob, Judas the Betrayer, The Lord’s Supper, Garden of Gethsemane, The Way to the Cross, Crucifixion and Resurrection and Ascension. This manga also features an area map of the places that Jesus and His disciples went and character profiles of the people that are related to Him as well as the profiles of the Twelve disciples.


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{ Brewed Coffee } at: March 21, 2011 at 10:53 PM said...

Manga Messiah is a good book to introduce kids to the stories in the Bible :-)

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