Mini Digital Recorder with LCD


After that mini HD cam, another thing I got new is this Mini DC  with LCD. It is an inch wider than the HD cam I made a review before but it sure can give you a view of what you are actually capturing.

I got this from Trendsndeal, a new online shop I stumbled on facebook on a friends wall. Anyways, this mini digital camera's function is entirely the same with the usual DCs. 

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Mini DV Camera HD Video Recorder

Introducing the new Mini Camera HD Video Recorder.Well, I'm not really sure if this was newly released to the market but all I know is that I have a new one for my self.

I was window shopping for cameras at Lazada when I found this really cute camera and videorecorder. It totally captured my interest. Just how could this camera which is just a little bit smaller than a matchbox can record a video with an amazing audio/video quality or take a picture? I guess I just have to ask that to those smart guys who made this gadget.

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